Last days of summer...

Let's think about August again, shall we? This year's Last Days of Summer party was spent laughing with friends, consuming an unnatural amount of red wine, and having tons of fun. The 2012 party felt very much like a wedding; almost all of our closest friends and family members arrived from all over the place and we had a great time. The 2013 party was a mix of old friends and new and was also really fun. Here are a few photos from the night. 

Thanks to our friend Laura, we had an abundance of beautiful beeswax candles made by a local artist (Nancy Eckstrom, if you're in Owego). They smelled so good! We found about a bajillion mason jars in the barn, but Laura brought some, too. You hardly notice the beer bottles scattered on the table, right?

The outdoor movie this year was The Muppet Movie. Our friend Dan brought a projector, which was awesome. The screen is an old pull-down screen from a thrift store that we tied to the clothesline. I like this photo of the screen with the candles. Don't walk!

Surprisingly, I took very few photos, but I did manage to capture the aftermath of the gas-powered blender that our friends brought. This photo looks like a crime scene. The amount of vodka in those smoothies was probably a crime. Yikes. 

I'm already working on plans for Last Days of Summer 2014. It's quickly become my favorite weekend of the year.


Ally Ann said...

This looks like something I need to attend, but don't plan the last days yet… summer is yet to start!

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