Valentine's Day...

My family and closest friends know that I'm never shy about professing my love for them. Perhaps that's why Valentine's Day- a holiday dedicated to telling people you love them- is one of my favorite days of the year. 

Kicky and EZ E are equally charmed by the holiday o' love and we've spent a lot of time over the last couple of weeks making cards and gifts for our loves. For EZ E's and Kicky's classmates, we went a little crazy with rubber band bracelets and made one for each classmate. This is EZ E's list and pile of bracelets...

We picked up glassine bags from Michaels and the kids used markers to decorate them. Kicky very carefully personalized each bag. Super cute!

We tossed a little finger puppet in the bag along with the bracelet and sealed the back of each bag with red masking tape that we scored at the dollar store.

EZ E's bags were also very carefully personalized. He drew what is best described as a scene from Breaking Bad on one. Others, like this one, are decidedly cheerier and make no reference to chemistry equipment. 

Sharks? Yes to sharks. All.the.time.

I know that Valentine's Day isn't for everyone, but I've always felt like the best way to tackle what could be a rather depressing holiday was to focus less on romantic love and more on spreading kindness and making the day a little bit brighter for the people you adore. I'm certain that EZ E and Kicky accomplished that.  

Need a few DIY Valentine ideas? Here you go!  
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