carrot boutonniereI thought I'd do a little round-up of past Easter-ish posts. We don't really celebrate Easter per se, so I was a little surprised to find that I've shared so many Easter-related posts. The photo above of EZ E (post here) is my absolute favorite photo of him thus far. He truly rocked that carrot boutonniere. The drawing that Shelley Weber made from that photo is one of my most valued treasures.

I broke out the carrot garland last week. The post is here. I'm working on a garland of other fruits and vegetables that I'll share soon.

party decorationsMy minimalist bunny post is here. I made the peg people to fit inside those fabulously shiny eggs. I'll be filling the exact same buckets with treats this weekend.

minimalist easter minimalist easterMy silly plastic canvas rabbit mask is here. One of my very favorite bloggers- Chiara Alberetti Milott- won that mask and shared her post here. I obsessively check her blog every.single.day. She's super talented.

handmade maskMy puff painted eggs are here- they received some hilariously snarky comments on a random Yahoo Shine post. People are crazy. Too funny!

easter eggsAny plans for Easter? What about Spring? I just want to get lost in the garden and for my hands to smell like dirt. I'm thinking about planting morning glories again this year. I've been feeling really uninspired and overwhelmed lately- the Northeast is always rough this time of year, I suppose. I seriously need to snap out of this funk. Anyone else feeling it? UGH. I really, really miss you all. xo, Abbey


chiara said...

Oh my gosh! What a nice post to read :)

I actually have the mask packed and ready to go to my parents with us for Easter!!

Totally made my morning.

Sarah said...

That first picture is adorable!



LENTstyles said...

Nice blog and nice pictures!!

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