Is the potting shed finished? No, but it's come a long way since this post in October. The exterior is almost there- a few more pieces of trim, a few windows, and paint. We're debating about the green. I want all of the outbuildings to be that color (you all know how much I *lurve* a monochromatic look), but PRH would prefer the potting shed to be white. We'll see. Let's distract him by taking a look at the before images again. Look at that poor little building!


See that little window on the front? It slides open, which is kind of awesome. We're not keeping it there, only because we need bigger windows, but it is quite clever and I'm sure we'll find a home for it somewhere else.


I was digging through my parents' barn last week and pulled out three old windows, planning to use those to replace the small potting shed windows. For whatever reason, PRH decided to try replacing this window instead...and it totally worked. They're a perfect fit!!! The barn windows in this photo? I'm going to be grinning from ear to ear when those awful storm windows aren't hanging over the other windows! Ear to ear, people! It's the little things in life.


Jen Craun said...

look at the bright new roof! YEAH!

What I'm doing Tonight said...

I'm so excited about this barn remodel! Can't wait to see more upgrades!

How2home said...

Can't wait to see more photos of the barn update! Here are some great inspirations to decorate your home for the summer! Enjoy!

Karen said...

Dark green is very nice.

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