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Caring for Animals was the theme of this week's LeapFrog Summer Camp- perfect timing given the fact that we just adopted a dog! The kiddos call her Show Dog, and we're all madly in love with the newest member of our little family. We've been talking a lot about how to take care of her and what it means to be responsible...and not so responsible. Oh, you know, things that certain 2-year-olds do, like riding on her back or pulling her tail or licking her fur. Yes, really! But I digress. 

We determined that feeding Show Dog is pretty high on the list of pet responsibilities, so we ventured out to the pet store for dog food. EZ E loved using his LeapFrog Summer Camp passport from last week, so he brought it along and recorded our excursion. He also wore binoculars, just in case.  

Our Caring for Animals adventure continued when we got back from the pet store. Earlier in the day we had found a Robin's egg laying in the yard. I couldn't find the nest, so we carefully set the egg in the flower bed by our back door. A few hours after returning from the pet store, we were outside working in the yard when we heard Kicky crying: "Oh no! I popped the baby! I popped the baby! Mama!". She runs over to us, completely covered in bright yellow yolk and broken bits of blue shell. In her attempt to snuggle and love the egg, our sweet girl gave one squeeze too many and squished it. Both her and EZ E were so sad, but it was the perfect opportunity to come back to our earlier discussion about taking care of animals...and their eggs.            

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The Belvedere- Alyssa said...

So cute in that little hat and binoculars! Love that your new dog is fitting right in.

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