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EZ E's preschool year is wrapping up and we're getting ready for a Summer full of...er, uh oh...a Summer full of what? Last week, I was surprised to find myself feeling kind of anxious about EZ E forgetting what he's learned this year in preschool. Instead of freaking out, I headed over to LeapFrog Summer Camp and printed out a bunch of activities. Yesterday, we spent our day researching how the people in our neighborhood move around. EZ E, Kicky, and I all guessed that cars would be the most popular mode of transportation on our rural road. Not so! Trucks won by a landslide! 

Even Kicky got in on the transportation spotting action. 

EZ E had to add a tractor category- we saw 2.

Determined to find a skateboarder and some good tacos, we hopped in our old wagon and headed to downtown Owego. Within minutes we had secured a tasty lunch and spotted two skateboarders! Using LeapFrog Summer Camp as a jumping off point, we managed to make a really fun day out of our research. Both EZ E and Kicky are looking forward to working on more activities from LeapFrog Summer Camp and I'm looking forward to a Summer full of fun activities!

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martha brown said...

I did this with my Grade 1's this year :)

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