I'm home after an incredible week spent teaching and hanging out with friends in Rochester. PRH and the babes survived with all limbs intact. Phew! I came back feeling inspired, energized, and lucky to have such an amazing crew of friends. I thought I'd share the handful of photos I took throughout the week. We made 20 books in my bookmaking course, most of which were tacked to a board in the studio. On Thursday afternoon, I took my class on a field trip to Pistachio Press: Letterpress and Local. Rachael showed us around the studios and retail space, and these are a few photos from that tour.

As it turns out, a week away was exactly what this mama needed. There are a lot of positives about working from home, but this week made me realize how much I've missed having daily, face-to-face conversations with grown-ups (besides PRH, of course). I'm sure a lot of you feel the same. How do you handle it?   


Shannon said...

I get a bit more spacey everyday!
I dont even know what other grown ups talk about!!!!

Anonymous said...

I went back to university part-time and took courses that I could never have imagined taking before, and now I'm pursing a Masters in Museum STudies! My son just turned 5 and part-time course work fits with our family life and keeps me engaged in the adult world.

Sara said...

hi, if you ever want to visit book artists in the Pioneer Valley (Northampton, Easthampton, etc) i might be able to help you out.
A few years ago I helped my friend Art Larson with his website:
I used to make paper here, and know lots of book artists. Their work is spectacular.
contact me if you want!

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