Serious cat...

We had a seriously fun, yet productive weekend. We went to a birthday party and a wedding, but the siding in the mudroom still got painted, more furniture was moved around, and preparations were made for the big dinner party this coming weekend. While PRH and I were working, EZ E drew fascinating cross-sections of buildings and Kicky pretended to be a very serious cat. I couldn't help myself from laughing every time EZ E referred to her as 'the cougar'. It's the little things, right?


Maxabella said...

A 'serious cat' is seriously cute! x

Elise said...

She is super serious! A man at work called me a cougar b/c Shaun is 6 months younger than me. And I said, "um, we are in Florida. I'm a Florida Panther...get it right."

laurie mc. said...

Fantastic drawings! I especially love all the ladders (stairs?) and hanging light fixtures.

dana said...

serious cat.
that's one of my all time favorite viral images. Well, this one here:

btw, loving your blog!
I'm actually judging the Handmade Olympics for the "blogs with a handmade focus" category and I'm having fun scrolling through yours!

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