Symphony in B...

B.Toys really knocked it out of the park with their latest toy, Symphony in B. Orchestra. Wow! We have a bunch of B.Toys, but this is seriously the coolest one yet. Here's how the Symphony in B. Orchestra works:
There are a variety of instruments along the edge. You choose up to 6, put them in the orchestra pit, push a button, and it plays a song using only the instruments you've chosen. Change instruments and you change the sound of the song! Awesome, right? There are woodwind, brass, and string instruments and a bunch of classic songs to choose from. Oh, and did I mention the adjustable volume? This mama thanks you for that, B.

They sent it to us last week and we've been having so much fun making music! I say 'we' because, at the dinner party we happened to have on the day it arrived, the grown-ups snagged the Symphony in B. Orchestra and spent the entire night playing with it. It's available at Target now...just in time for your next dinner party!

btoysYes, conductors wear neon orange nail polish.

btoysSome other B.Toys we love are right here.

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Katie said...

I can't get to Target soon enough. I think my son (who is autistic and seriously motivated by music) would love this toy. I love that the child is part of the creation process and needs to fit things in their places instead of just randomly hitting buttons. His birthday is coming up...thanks for this post!!

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