This weekend was gorgeous, so we loaded up the car with bikes and headed downtown (a.k.a. the land of sidewalks) to ride bikes around Owego. Our agenda is usually pretty simple: tacos, River Walk, bookstore, toy store. This weekend I took some time to snap some quick photos of our lovely little hometown. The last time I showed photos of Owego, it looked like this. That was the week of the flood and, it's safe to say, we were all still in a daze. The town has been recovering slowly and surely- happily, many stores, restaurants, and schools have re-opened their doors. I'll share a more thorough update soon but, in the meantime, here's what we saw this weekend.

The fireman [above] stands at the top of a fountain in courthouse square. Below is my favorite bookstore, Riverow Bookshop- it's beautiful inside and out.

owegoThe Laughing Place, a favorite at our house.

owegoI wish someone would turn the old J.J. Newberry building into an indoor farmers market. Anyone?

owegoHow gorgeous is this building? It's a dream of mine to renovate one of these buildings someday.

owegoA detail of the fountain below the fireman.

owegoHope you enjoyed a quick tour around Owego. I do still have an Owego Flood Relief fundraiser set up. Thank you for all you've already done!


Robin Yourgrave said...

I absolutely love the look of little towns like these. Love, love, love it. And that bookstore pretty much looks like my personal heaven. Glad you guys got to enjoy it!

Paulette said...

Your town's so beautiful A. I think 2013 is the year of my visiting poet residency with you. :-)

Andria Crowjoy said...

As many times as we've been to Owego we've never found the taqueria! Thanks for that!!

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