Go, go, go.

birthday gifts
What do you think the word is for someone who can't resist buying novelty foam hands? Whatever it is (and as weird as it is), my photo would be underneath it in the dictionary. I found this blank foam hand at our local Hobby Lobby and used tacky glue to glue on sequins in the shape of a 'K'. Luckily, our friend Kris also thinks novelty foam hands are funny. Go, Kris, go! Want your own foam hand to decorate? Here are a bunch to choose from. Let's start a trend.



Amy said...

I'm so excited about this. Stock phrase from my adolescent years with my brother: "I'm so mad at you I could bop you over the head with a foam finger." Not at all kidding. I'm calling the near-by Hobby Lobby _right now_!

Ma Bicyclette said...

Haha! The foam hand is great! I love the orange wrapping paper too.


Anna said...

this is brilliant!!!

Megan said...

Ha! Love this. We should all wear them now that auction season is upon us at VSW ;-) "Go Kris, Go!"

Unknown said...

My daughter wanted a big foam finger for christmas above all other things. Ann took great joy in wrapping it.

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