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valentine DIY
valentine DIYI openly admit to being one of those annoying people who absolutely LOVES Valentine's Day. You may remember that I'm the freak who made 20 valentines last year, sends out valentines instead of Christmas cards, and has a pinterest board dedicated solely to valentines cards. Um, yes. Anyways, we were looking for a craft project to work on the other day and came across these (free printable originally from Skip to my Lou). Since EZ E is officially NOT into pink (don't get me started on that) and wanted to paint, we went with symmetry painted butterflies instead.

Here's what you need:
acrylic paint in several colors
paint brush
lollipops or pencils
google eyes
bone folder or butter knife

Here's how we made ours:
1. fold the cardstock in half.
2. put dots of paint on one side.
3. fold in half and squish paint around (the more, the better).

valentine DIY4. cut out a butterfly shape and use that as a tracing template. We went with a more realistic-looking butterfly (we also tried a different version...see bottom).

Valentine DIY5. once the paint is dry, fold the cardstock in half and trace the butterfly on the folded side.
6. cut out your butterfly shape.

valentine DIY7. cut two small slits where the lollipop or pencil will go.
8. make a score mark with a bone folder (or butter knife) between the two cut marks and parallel to the fold. I drew a line in pencil only so you could see it.
9. use your bone folder to push in that rectangle.

valentine DIY10. stick your google eyes onto your lollipop (you may want to glue yours).
11. slide the lollipop into the wings.

valentine DIYhere's what it looks like from the side

valentine DIYI liked our pencil version better, but EZ E doesn't want to give pencils to his classmates and his 10-year-old cousin laughed at me for thinking kids liked pencils (!!!). Am I that old? When did kids stop liking pencils?

valentine DIY
valentine DIYHere's another version we made with simpler wings. Skip to my Lou used bigger lollipops, which I would recommend. The dum dums we used were a little too small, but more came in the pack.

valentine DIYNot to belabor my point, but I'd rather have a pencil than a dum dum any day of the week. Have you seen any handmade valentines that you like yet?


heather (love your space) said...

These are so cute!
We do valentines instead o Christmas cards, too. So much more fun, and less likely to get lost in the throngs.


Anonymous said...

I LOVED pencils as a kid! I used to buy the prettiest, funkiest ones I could find at the little morning school store. Cute project, but I would have gone for pencils too. = )

kbluem said...

so cute - I'll take one with the pencil!!! xo

Tanya Jane Brain said...

What a sweet project- thanks for sharing! x

carole said...

I would rather have a pencil too! And so would my 3 year old but probably not for much longer! What a sweet project!

Julia said...

i found your 20 valentines so refreshing. inspired!

chiara said...

I love the pencil ones! I think I still have some Lisa Frank pencils from 1984 somewhere...

Sophia said...

If my little guy was reading this he'd vote for the dum dum. Maybe some color tissue over the head to drown out the noisy lettering??

Erin Lang Norris said...

so much fun! i totally love valentine's day, too, but only because i love making the cards! i am going to make a few butterflies for my friends. :) thanks for the great idea!

sara mansfield said...

cuuute! and with plenty of love note space on the back. i'm with you on the pencils... but either way, a lot cuter than store bought

Aneta Hayne said...

Super cute, and most kids can do this one, with a bit of mama help :). Thank you for sharing my kids will love this.

Jeanne said...

Love that lolly butterfly! Must make them for my little guys.

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