I came across this photo of the stairs this morning. The bottom photo was taken on the day we bought the house. Look at that! Gross! I don't know how I almost forgot about those rubber treads. Here's what we've done so far:
  • I scraped off the treads
  • we refinished the hardwood floors and painted the upstairs floors (painting was so much cheaper and less time-consuming)
  • we painted the upstairs paneling
  • painted the stairs
  • PRH knocked out the stairwell wall and removed the door at the bottom of the stairs
  • he replaced drywall on the first floor.
We still need to figure out some sort of railing while our kiddos are little (don't worry- for now, we have a gate at the top and bottom and don't let them go up or down alone). These stairs are eventually going to come out completely to make more space on the first floor; they're typical farmhouse stairs...really steep and narrow. We're planning to build a new set of stairs up the back of the house through the mudroom. You also can't see in these photos, but the top stair cuts into the doorway of one of the bedrooms. I use that room as a studio for fear that one of us would fall down the stairs if we woke up in the middle of the night. EZ E and Kicky share a bedroom now, but we're going to need three usable bedrooms at some point. Big plans, big plans.


beth lehman said...

looks eerily familiar!! our first house had stairs just like this... much better with paint!!

Sally said...

Hi, in our old house we ended up with a similar "gap" for the kids to fall thru, the solution was a large piece of thick glass cut into a triangular shape. The kids had lotsa fun putting sticky handprints on it! An added advantage was that we could unbolt it to take out our beds when we moved out!

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