New Year's DIY...

new years DIY
As promised, here's a quick little New Year's Eve DIY that I made the other day.
You'll need:
needle + thread (I used three different colors of neon thread)
iron-on glitter letters
tracing pencil
small circle to trace (I used a pill bottle cap)

Here's how:
1. cut out glitter letters to spell whatever phrase you'd like.
2. arrange in order and trace small circles around each individual letter.
3. iron on glitter letters according to package instructions.

new years diy
4. do NOT cut the letters out. Instead, layer another piece of felt behind that whole piece, pin together, and stitch around each circle, sewing the two layers together. I just used a simple running stitch.
5. Once all of your circles are sewn together, that's when you cut them out along the stitched line. I don't mind the faint blue line showing, but you could use a damp washcloth to remove it.

new years diy6. It doesn't have to look super neat on the back, right? To hang, use a long piece of thread and sew a line along the back of each letter. You can make a small knot to get each letter to stay where you want it.

new years diy7. Find a spot to hang your garland and have a happy New Year!

new years diy
new years DIY

1 comment:

masteringtheartoflife said...

How gorgeous! I completely missed this, so I'm going to have to save it for next year. Thank you for the wonderful tutorial!

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