High five...

My five favorite things from around blogland recently.

    2. This studio space designed by A31 Architecture for artist Alexandros Liapis (found via kubodo). My dreams are filled with minimalist studio spaces.

    3. Guinness dressed up as reindeer?! Need I say more? Photo from Life of a Modern Mom (found via Tonya Sweatman). For the record, I'm open to receiving beer for Christmas.
    wrapped beer
    4. Who doesn't want giant letters that spell out the word 'rad'? These were used in a window installation, designed in part by Nicole Lavelle.

    5. This list of modern dollhouses on copy please (found via Fergi Johnson). I particularly like this one, even though no builder is credited (via DaddyTypes). Does anyone know who the designer is?



    A Beautiful Party said...

    I feel like at the rate that you make things happen you will have that log holder all finished and filled with logs by mid-afternoon today. ( :

    Beth said...

    Rad is one of my favorite culturally-retired words! I would love to have that in my place.

    Ladybug Crossing said...

    I found you through Pinterest. In theory, that log holder looks terrific. In all actuality, logs are not clean like that and they are loaded with bugs... and they leave wood shrapnel all over...
    If I could get my wood pile to look like that, I'd never burn it!
    Love the doll house!!
    Thanks for sharing,

    anika said...

    I love the minimalist studio and dollhouse. There is something about buildings with lots of glass that I can never get enough of!

    brianne said...

    I love this whole list, but that log holder made me gasp out loud. I need to build ourselves one of those asap!

    Wear The Canvas said...

    I've been seeing a lot of wood stacked walls and decor like the first pic lately. So rustic and lovely..

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