Garland DIY...

new years eve garland DIY
The other New Year's Eve garland not working for you? Try this one, it's even easier.
You'll need:
puff paint (I used two neon colors)
tracing pencil
chipboard letters (I found a set at our local craft store, but you can also print letters from your computer)
tacky glue

new years eve garland DIYHere's how:
1. Choose your phrase and select the appropriate chipboard letters.
2. Use tracing pencil to trace chipboard letters onto felt.
3. Dot puff paint along traced line and allow to dry.
4. Cut out felt letters along dotted line.
5. Cut a length of string and glue to back of felt letters (don't worry, the tacky glue shouldn't leak through).

new years eve garland DIY
new years eve garland DIY6. Allow the glue to dry, hang up garland, and have a happy New Year!

new years eve garland DIY
new years eve garland DIY


Jen @ RamblingRenovators said...

Love it! Happy New Year!

life:styled said...

the puff paint was the best addition!

ach! said...

Thanks for this easy and fun tutorial. ach!

bklopst said...


Happy New Year!

Erin said...

Garland looks great, but what really caught my eye is that rug! Is it old? New? Will I be able to find it somewhere? I loooove it!

Aesthetic Outburst... said...

Thanks, everyone! Happy New Year!

Erin- the rug is from a local store called Nasco (Waverly, NY). It didn't come with a tag or any other sort of identifying info. I wish it did because I'd buy another just like it. :) If I find anything else out, I'll let you know.

Erin said...

I only find rugs I like in other people's houses, never in stores or for sale. Thanks, though!

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