High five...

My five favorite things from around blogland recently.

    1. I'm a big fan of leaning. I love how the giant print is sitting on the floor in this photo from House and Home (found via The Belvedere).

    2. A super easy DIY idea to keep the kiddos occupied at Thanksgiving? From Martha Stewart (found via Sandi Devenny). How is it that this is the only colorful thing on the list this week?
    3. This wallpaper by Elisabeth Dunker of Fine Little Day. She's a constant source of inspiration.




cheryl.andrey said...

I've been wanting that tree paper for my new house. I love it too much.

Jodi Ann said...

I love the leaning art work in the first photo and that wallpaper is awesome! I hope you have a great Thanksgiving!

The Belvedere-Alyssa said...

Haha I was going to say 'oh my gosh, I've been loving that hallway photo too!" but then I saw that you found it via my pinterest! How very kind of you to mention me.
Something about that hallway is so intriguing.

Paulette said...

I luurrrvve Elisabeth Dunker, and I've been dying for her paper/fabric with the ships on it.

BTW, I realized this morning that I hadn't really commented lately but I hope you know, Miss. A. that I read you each and every day (and I'm utterly inspired by you each and every day!)...and I'm sorta just biding my time till it's time for us to work on our first book together. xxxx and oooo and have a wonderful Thanksgiving, P.

Lex said...

I'm a big fan of leaning art too. But I can't help but think I want to tack that big lovely print to the wall before my kid comes over there and muffs it up!

Je suis une monstre said...

I'm absolutely loving allllll of these! The wooden balls necklace is gorgeous; the butternut squash skittles are genius; and the mapley syrup is making me dribble! YUM!

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