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EZ E's pre-school, the same school that I went to as a child, was just one of the many buildings damaged by the flood in Owego. This year, the first day of class was cut short as rain waters wiped out roads and utilities throughout our little town. In addition to losing their furnace and electrical system, EZ E's school lost desks, chairs, toys, books, etc. When the wonderful folks at B. toys heard about the flood and how it had affected EZ E's school, they sent along a beautiful package of toys! Coincidentally, the package from B. toys arrived the Saturday before the kids were scheduled to return to their school for the first time in 3 months. The excitement was palpable!

B. toys had already earned a special spot in my heart; our kiddos love their toys (here and here) and I love their philosophy. However, there's something extra special about a toy company that's genuinely thoughtful and reaches out to a little school in need. EZ E was thrilled to bring the toys to school and his school was thrilled with the gift. Thank you, B.

btoysYou can imagine the conversation that happened below:
EZ E: Those toys aren't for you! They're for my school!
Kicky: No. MY toys!
EZ E: Mommy? Mommy!
Kicky (as she runs away with lovely toys in hand): Mommy! No. Mine toys!



Robin Yourgrave said...

Now that's a company I can get behind. Good to know that many hearts are still in the right place.

Handbags*N*Pigtails said...

Thats amazing! What a great company indeed.

Gisela said...

OMGoodness — we have a soft spot in our hearts for kids and schools. Always. That's why we give 10¢ of every B. toy sold to Free The Children so they can build schools in parts of the world like these: http://justb-byou.com/blog/2010/9/7/back-school-oh-how-lucky-we-are/

Yet, every once in a while we can help a school closer to home, and just before Thanksgiving these photos made our souls sing. Happy happy to help. xoxoxoxo ~ team B.

Elizabeth Buckler said...

I love love love B toys! We have the kitty piano but I've been eying the wooden activity cube for so long now. I think it's so great that they have the lyrics to the songs on the website to sing along with the toys!

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