craft project
When we were at the library a couple of weeks ago, someone left behind five or six paper handmade flags made with tiny straws. They were adorable! We all loved them and I knew, as soon as I saw these vintage straws, that we'd make our own flags. It seemed fitting to share the project on Veterans Day. I think they'd make cute cake decorations, or you could throw on some panty hose, a head scarf, and perform your own version of Little Edie's flag dance. Here's what we used: straws, crayons, pencil, tape, scissors, paper.

craft projectWe cut the flag to whatever shape we wanted, decorated it, and taped it to the straw. Easy! You could tape the flag a little lower if you wanted to drink out of the straw.

craft project
craft project
craft project
Grab your scissors...fun is waiting for you. Happy 11.11.11.


Kitten's Lost Her Mittens said...

Cute idea! They look so cheerful!
x Katherine

Nathalie said...

11.11.11. Lest we forget.

chiara said...

I love these! Totally doing it this weekend. I wonder if it will be half as charming on IKEA straws. :)

Jen Craun said...

These are gorgeous! Love the combination of cut shapes and the drawings, and the fantastic colors of those paper straws.

Also, Abbey -- I thought you [your letterpress prints, and Pistacio Press] might be interested in this. It's an International Letterpress Exhibition, for 2012 hosted in Cleveland at Zygote Press. I blogged about it here:

It has all the links/info.

Crystle said...

What an adorable craft idea! Love your blog :)

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