This weekend...

vintage toy
We have an enormous to do list this weekend, so I'm signing off early to help PRH make things happen. One of the projects is to clean out a small shed on the edge of our lawn. It's packed full (full!!!) of things left behind by the previous owners. The babes and I started cleaning it out yesterday and found a bunch of interesting old things, including this wind-up Peter Rabbit toy. We also found a huge rodent (?) hole and boatloads of live mice. It eventually skeeved me out so much that I had to stop. EZ E and Kicky thought my screams of terror were hilarious. I digress. Here are a few other things I'll be thinking about this weekend:
  • Our friend Sara Pedigo has an exhibition opening tonight at Plum Contemporary Gallery in Saint Augustine, FL. I wish we could be there to celebrate.
  • My friend, poet Paulette Beete, has work in the most recent issue of the Beltway Poetry Quarterly. Congratulations, Paulette!
  • Our Owego Flood Relief fundraiser hit the $3200 mark. Thank you all for your generosity! Folks around here are still cleaning up. EZ E's school principal won't be able to move back into her house until December! Can you imagine?! Please consider making a donation, if you can.
Have a lovely weekend and I'll see you all on Monday!


Maile (My-lee) Ann said...

Finding interesting things (like that pictured) sounds like loads of fun...even if the word "cleaning" is involved. :-D

Dorja said...

Oh, what a beauty!

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