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With the exception of a girl sleeping comfortably in the front row, our artists' talk at SUNY Brockport went pretty well yesterday. Rachael, PRH, and I spent a lot of time beforehand hashing out ideas and talking about where we're at in our careers/personal lives- what's happened since we finished undergrad and how it's happened. It was kind of an eye-opener (for me, at least) to sit back and look at that trajectory. Some of the topics we touched on were ones that I think you all may like to hear about. I want to take a little while longer to think about it, but here's our general outline:
  • Be nice + be prepared: getting started
  • Be a do-er or make friends with do-ers: making + maintaining contacts
  • Go big or go home: deciding whether or not to leap
  • Feed your other interests: a multidisciplinary approach
  • The juggling act: setting up your life
I'm going to post some of the key points we made related to these topics. In the meantime, feel free to leave any questions you may have in the comments.

The best part of the day, besides seeing so many people we adore in one room, was meeting readers! You know when you meet someone and want to be friends with that person instantly? Last night: Jen, Megan, and Dan. I wanted to squeeze them...oh wait, I did. Consider them sufficiently creeped out by me. ;)

Trust me, I'm flinching as I write this, but I forgot to take a single photo. Not.Even.One. I know! Duh, Abbey. Thankfully, artist Megan Charland saved the day. Head over to her blog to see some photos from the exhibition. I left the talk last night feeling contemplative, so I'm off to think and get our day really rolling. Have a great one!


Paulette said...

That loud noise you just heard was me sighing that I couldn't be there...glad it went well! xoxo, P.

sara said...

Art with a capital A! Sounds & looks fab...I would definitely be interested in hearing more tidbits!

Laurie in Georgia said...

"Consider them sufficiently creeped out by me"--holy cow, that's pretty darn funny! Glad it went well...looking forward to hearing more about it.

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