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Michael Forster Rothbart
Michael Forster Rothbart
Michael Forster Rothbart
My brother and his family have gone without electricity or running water for 5 days so far and consider themselves lucky. My aunt's house is still under water. Thousands of kids can't return to school because their schools can't be re-opened. Thousands of their parents cannot return to work because their workplaces, the actual structures, no longer exist. Countless homes and businesses have already been condemned and this is what a walk through our town looks like (in an area you can actually walk through). Our friends have lost everything and will have to have their house bulldozed. They don't have flood insurance.

The scope of this disaster is absolutely astounding and the current FEMA designation does NOT include assistance to individuals. That absolutely needs to change.* Imagine your entire town being wiped out...along with the towns next to yours and the towns next to those. And now imagine what you would do if your insurance not only didn't cover the cost of your home and belongings, but didn't even cover the cost to bulldoze your home. I encourage you to check out this article on Press Connects for more information. And I'm also asking you to spread the news any way you can: tweet, blog, link on your Facebook page, call the White House (202-456-1111). More people need to know about this.

photos by Michael Forster Rothbart for Press Connects

UPDATE: The FEMA designation has been changed, but Owego still needs your help. We've set up a fundrasier to benefit local flood victims. Please donate if you can.


ziazia said...

i'm so so sorry about what happened. i can't even imagine what your town and your family is going through. I'll help spread the word.
big hugs and all my best wishes all the way from Tijuana.


Kersey Campbell said...

This is so heart breaking! We've been volunteering every weekend since the hurricane here to help people here with flooding, etc. I wish we could come there to help too! I cannot believe that FEMA doesn't help individuals. That definitely has to change. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your town.

Amanda said...

so incredible and sad

Anja said...

So sorry to hear about this. It's not getting coverage in Scandinavian media. I didn't realise how bad the situation was. This is terrible.

sécia said...

This is why Flood Insurance should be included with Fire Insurance. I never understood why it wasn't a standard. I'll do my best to help spread the word.

♥ sécia

Handbags*N*Pigtails said...

Abbey this is awful all the way around. Since Im working now, I havent been able to help out like Ive wanted to. Since hubbys is one of those schools you mentioned(not in session bc of the flooding), hes been helping our friends hoe out before tomorrow when the dump trucks come through to get rid of the garbage. At this point, theres so much down here theyre saying its a fire hazard.
Its so sad when he tells me the stories of the day: people having to throw out everything they own because its all destroyed.
I appreciate your pics bc we havent been to your neck of the woods like we usually are. First the roads were all closed and now theres just so much keeping us here at home.

Christine said...

The pictures are just heart breaking. I wanted to send my best wishes. I wish I could donate, but even with flood insurance, we're still trying to financially recover from last September, when we had to evacuate our house for a month b/c of flooding. Best of luck to the town. It'll be a tough, long, slow recovery.

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