On the list...

We found this beautiful pin packaging in the farmhouse and it's now hanging in my still-being-weeded-out studio. What a flipping chore. Eventually we'll both have studios in the barn, but studios can't happen until that poor building has a roof (any roof sponsors out there?! Ha!). I digress. I'm planning to spend today chipping away at the boxes in my little room, and am hoping to get it to a point where I can actually work in there. A few more things:

  • If you're local, don't forget the giant barn sale this weekend.
  • Our Flood Relief Fundraiser hit the $3000 mark yesterday. I'm thrilled!
  • The people who guessed crab apples were exactly right. PRH used them to make cider.
  • I've been a pinning fool lately. Are you on Pinterest? It's rather addicting.
  • I have a project in Victoria Woodcock and Ziggy Hanaor's latest book, State of Craft, and can't wait to see the book in person.
  • PRH, Rachael Hetzel, Ben Entner, and I have an exhibition coming up at SUNY Brockport in a few weeks. The opening reception is at Tower Fine Arts Gallery on Tuesday, October 25 from 4 to 6 pm. I'll share more details once it gets closer.


Jen said...

Abbey, I live just north of Brockport. I would love to come to the opening and meet you in person.

SaylorMade said...

Great find! I have a similar needle book from my grandmother.


Aesthetic Outburst... said...

Jen- YES! Come say hello. :)

SaylorMade- so lovely!

Diana said...

Ben was a grad in the sculpture dept. when I was an undergrad at Syracuse U. I strangely recognized his face from his nude drawing "Couplings" shown on his website. Awkward!

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