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Princeton Architectural Press sent over Menus for Chez Panisse: The Art & Letterpress of Patricia Curtan. I've spent the last few evenings poring through it and it's lovely. As a printmaker, I'm a fan of Patricia Curtan's work. Combine that with an interest in the history of Chez Panisse and genuine respect for Alice Waters...well, you've found yourself a pretty fabulous book. I loved seeing some of the blocks that Patricia Curtan used to print the menus, and the insider's history lesson that accompanied each menu was fascinating. You can pick up a copy here.

chez panisse
book review
book review


Pupeow* said...

I agree, it's lovely : )

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mopar said...

You're making me hungry for the West Coast. How I miss the food there. Chez Panisse is my favorite. I've only been to the cafe though. That Mexican menu looks really good.

leFiligree said...

gorgeous! is it yours to keep? i would totally buy one for myself--her art is so inspirational

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