Stocks and suffragettes...

Our Tenenbaums-inspired game closet is really shaping up. I've been working on it for well over a year now and found a great vintage game, called Stocks & Bonds, to add to the collection yesterday. I gave it the once-over in the store, but didn't really check it out until we got it home. Ah-mazing. The color palette alone was enough to make me smile for half the day. It's the simple things in life, my friends.

These reminded me of my library check-out card collection...

I have to admit that I'm not much of a game-player. In fact, PRH and I tried to play Battle of the Sexes last night and I quit because I spent more time yelping about stereotypical gender roles than playing the game. Yes, Abbey Hendrickson = big fun. Need further proof? Here you go: I think my ladies Susan B. Anthony and Matilda Gage would be annoyed by that game too. Oh yeah...I just totally name-dropped two suffragettes from the 1800's...what what?! But wait, it's about to get even more fun: did you know that suffragette Matilda Gage was L. Frank Baum's mother-in-law? Yes, The Wizard of Oz L. Frank Baum. Slightly off topic, but still rad. I digress. Stocks & Bonds is a score and I am a suffragette-loving dork.


donna!ee said...

amen sister...suffragettes rock!!

marisa said...


hey, do you need "the ungame" (immediately above royal's index finger in the second picture)? because i have an extra one. it's hilarious.

Mrsink said...

haha! Name dropping is allowed, especially when it's two ladies like that. But seriously, I'm not a big game player either, but that vintage game you found looks cool :)

radiantcrust said...

Totally co-incidentally, I found this suffragette surveillance posting today at Retronauts (via link from Neatorama):

sara said...

I haaaate battle of the sexes. i went to a 'game night' at a friend of a friend's house and it was torture. Your Stock game reminds me of Aquire...but in Aquire you are building companies & trading stocks. My in-laws have both a vintage and a modern version of it...it's fun!
(i like games!)

Aesthetic Outburst... said...

Suffragettes do rock! :)

Marisa- I don't have the ungame- I'll buy it from you! :)
radiantcrust- amazing post! Thanks for sharing.

Sara- I completely agree. :)

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