pool party
This weekend was hot, which made it the perfect opportunity to break out this spongeball project from one charming party. I actually think this would be fun to have at a grown-up party. Spongeball fight, anyone? EZ E and Kicky had SO much fun! So much, in fact, that I wasn't too grossed when I got drenched in baby pool water (which we all know is just diluted pee). Oh, and check out Kicky's navy blue pedicure. Can you believe she let me paint her toenails?! She spent the weekend pointing at her toes and says, "Mama, look! Fancy!". We also painted EZ E's toenails, but he decided navy blue wasn't his thing and we didn't have any other colors that met his exacting standards. Hope you all enjoyed your weekend!

pool party
pool party
pool party
pool party


Happy Thoughts said...


Dana said...

We have made these too. I LOVE that there are no little balloon parts to pick up when the fun is finally done!

Aesthetic Outburst... said...

:) Thanks! Good point about the balloons, Dana. We haven't done water balloons yet and I wouldn't have thought of that. :)

Tatiana S. said...

Bellissime foto e colori!

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