Our insanely talented friend, Kim Hennessy, just launched an incredible project that I NEED TO SHARE with you. It's called fliffa, which is based on the Swedish word for "doctored". Here's how it works and here are her beautiful pieces. Don't you just love these?! I'm ordering the painted tray for our new farmhouse. I particularly love the idea of functional artwork and these are pieces that would live with us forever. Btw, I've gushed about Kim's artwork on A.O. a couple of times before (and even once on Poppytalk) and she remains my biggest art crush. I haven't called Kim yet today to ask what she's wearing, but...um, let's pretend I didn't just get all kinds of stalker, okay?


kim said...

thank you abbey - the feelings are mutual! xoxo

Erik Karlsson said...

love, love, love the project! :) but i'm sorry to say that 'fliffa' is the wrong swedish translation, it's 'fiffla'.

and thank you for a great inspiration blog!

Aesthetic Outburst... said...

:) Thanks, Kim!

Oh no, Erik! I'll be sure to pass your comment onto Kim. Thanks so much!

kim said...

UH OH..... ! I guess this project is just BASED on the Swedish word for doctored.....? Thank you for the tip!

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