I am taking a much-needed technology break today. I've been working on a really exciting project that I need to finish up soon and the farmhouse "negotiations" have been consuming a ridiculous amount of time and energy (absolutely ridiculous!). It's gotten to the point that I feel compelled to promise my friends and my parents that I'll abstain from tearful farmhouse phone calls today (oh, and emails too...I'm talking to you, Renee). Hopefully more news on the farmhouse front soon (drama!). Here are some other places that I've been recently though:
  • The lovely Dawn Trest interviewed me for hello dearie.

  • je suis une monstre followed my carved polymer tutorial and made the.most.fabulous.necklace.ever.

  • Anika of a is for anika is doing a 20 in 20 giveaway in celebration of her birthday! Head over and take a look!

  • Francesca of Mrs Eliot Books gave a sweet shout-out to my little shop. I've followed her work for years, so I was thrilled to hear from her.

  • My carrot boutonniere was in the beautiful French magazine Doolittle. Now I just need to find a copy. :)

  • Our wooden mailboxes were on ohdeedoh. I've been getting a lot of emails about them, which is very sweet. Unfortunately, we're just too crazed right now to make them for the shop. I'll let you know as soon as they become available again.


Amanda said...

Have a good break!

Julie Wasson said...

what a fun week! So exciting.

sophia said...

i feel for you b/c i think i've been in your situation before! keep your eye on the prize and good luck!!

Peachy Cheek said...

What a lovely week! That's great that your items were featured in all those neat places! That's wonderful! I have been thinking about taking a much needed tech break too! But it never works! Have a lovely break!


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