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Thank you Old Navy for sponsoring my post today about baby and toddler styles. Old Navy is giving you 30% off everything in their baby and toddler summer collection, plus get an additional 15% off in-store.

With two babies under the age of four, I have a few tricks up my sleeve for keeping them looking cute on a not-so-cute budget. Today, I thought I'd share a few with you. Here we go!

carrot boutonniere
  • When I find something on sale that I really like, not only do I buy the size our kiddos need, but I buy several larger sizes as well. I love the shirt that EZ E's wearing (above and below) and it was on sale, so I bought it in two sizes and two color-ways. The same with Kicky's sweater. Storage is the key here. We have a couple of totes for each babe with labels like 'Kicky 3T' or 'EZ E 5T' and I immediately stash bigger sizes in the totes when we get home. At each size change, I make a tally of what they already have and fill in clothing gaps as needed.

  • kids birthday

  • I buy unisex for EZ E whenever possible. Navy blue converse one-stars that he wore for just a few weeks? They'll be perfect for Kicky in a about a year. Those super cute red boots that he loved? Now she loves them!

  • Accessorize! 'Put a bow on it' is my version of Portlandia's 'put a bird on it'. This hat belonged to EZ E and ended up looking really cute on Kicky when I put a gigantic bow on it.

  • What? She wants to wear her brother's underwear over her black pants again? He wants to wear vintage glasses everywhere? She wants to wear his beloved glasses (and he doesn't care)? Let them dress themselves and have a sense of humor! It's friendlier on your wallet and no one cares if your baby is wearing weird glasses from the 1960's. In the grand scheme of life, it isn't a big deal. Oh, and a note to future Abbey: green hair won't be a big deal either.

vintage glasses
So now I want to hear...what are your tricks? Do share!

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suzanne said...

Great ideas and incredibly cute! Love that bright multi-coloured cardigan!

kbluem said...

BEST MOM EVER! Plus I love Old Navy! :)

Crystal Jeffers said...

I completely agree that in the grand scheme of things what your tot wears is not a major deal! I started letting mine dress themselves at an early age.

A few tips for saving money on clothes is to shop vintage when you can. remake clothes if you are capable. rips are fashionable so who cares of the knees are a bit torn. ;) Fabric paint covers stains well and turns a cute top into a one of a kind piece.

Amanda Mae said...

I've never been a person who wanted kids, but when I see posts about how awesome and adorable and unique your kids are, it makes me think that one day, I might. So, thanks for broadening my horizons. :)

marisa said...

cute! (and kudos on getting a big name sponsor - i hope you got some fancy dollars for that.)

i do a lot, a lot of thrift store shopping. most of the thrift stores in my area have the kids' clothing sorted by size, so it only takes five minutes to flip through the range of sizes i'm looking for.

i also always check the girls' clothes, even though i have boys. i've scored old hand-knit sweaters and blue velvet flares this way - which my boys looked fabulous in!

Anonymous said...

Your littles have such style! I'm all for letting them dress themselves (and will remind myself of this someday when I have my own); kids have great style even if they aren't "in fashion."

Dana said...

Two words: Consignment Shops. In the good ones you can get stuff that looks like new at garage sale prices. CS are especially great for those special occasion outfits like suits for weddings or fancy shoes.

sécia said...

What a great idea to buy in different sizes. Plus, if you love the outfit they can wear it longer! Those photos are darling!

♥ sécia

Anonymous said...

Great ideas! Need to do that "buy multiples" thing more. I save in the long run by investing in really great leather shoes. No matter how expensive they are, sneakers rip here in 3 mos, but our leathers Merrells have lasted 1.5 years. With 3 little boys, that's a big deal.

Rambling Renovators said...

So much cute in this post! I must try that multiple sizes trick. I tend to buy a lot during the end of season sales and just buy for the next year. I also shop at the local kid's used clothing shop. Great deals on barely used clothes.

I pick my Chloe's clothes (for now), but she picks her accessories - hat, socks, shoes, coat. Then she goes and checks out her outfit in the mirror, lol!

Holly F. said...

I have a boy and a girl, and I'm digging the unisex idea! I've been "girling up" my son's old onesies with some cute accessories in the meantime.

Amanda said...

I almost always let Miller dress himself...but i have to ask WHERE did you get those little guy glasses????

Aesthetic Outburst... said...

All such great ideas! Thanks, everyone! I forgot to mention that I'm also a HUGE thrift/consignment store shopper. Love it.

Amanda- my mom found the glasses at an auction. EZ E loves them...in fact, he's wearing them right now. :)

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