Crazy town...

pipe cleaners
Today is kind of crazy here in the aesthetic outburst household, as evidenced by this pile of fluorescent pipe cleaners on our kitchen floor right at this very moment. I'll be back tomorrow, hopefully with my head on a bit straighter. Have a lovely Monday!


ladaisi said...

Cool photo! Very colorful. My house is a mess too. Unfortunately it's playdough, not pipe cleaners.

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my name is s├ęcia. said...


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Janee Lookerse said...

Oh...those look like fun... I think I should go get some and work up a fun party decoration with them. Thanks for the inspiration!


TomRob said...

I cant quite remember the last time I saw so many pipe cleaners in a dazzling array of colours like that!

They always remind me of the best things about being a kid - being creative, making a mess AND getting away with it

Sana said...

Crazy town is usually okay when it involves children...adults on the other hand...not so much. That was my work day. Haha. xx Your new webbie. :)

Aesthetic Outburst... said...

Pipe cleaners are always awesome and always a hit around here. We made some fancy crowns I'll share soon.

Sana- yay for webbies! ;)

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