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My five favorite things from around blogland recently.


    2. This incredible island that would probably only work in a house like this. Photo by Dave Lauridsen for Dwell found via Simple Lovely (via paper weight). It seems so simple, just propped on saw horses until you consider the weight of that giant slab of wood. Check out more photos of this house at Dwell

    3. This metal badge photo by airform found via a merry mishap. I have this same badge that I found at a thrift store, but never realized that it's a badge for the U.S. pavilion (desgined by Buckminster Fuller) at the 1967 expo. I somehow should've guessed that. More info at in between noise.

    buckminster fuller
    4. This DIY faceted necklace tutorial by Dismount Creative found via Poppytalk (via Craftzine). No joke...I almost picked up polymer clay to try DIY kitchen cabinet handles like the pulls above by Pigeon Toe Ceramics. Yeah right. Not happening.

    handmade tutorial
    5. These hand-dyed pom pom from the crafts department. Pom poms? What?! Who knew regular old pom poms could be so pretty? Oh yea...Martha.
martha stewart


Maile (My-lee) Ann said...

Laughing because I just tore out the page on the pom poms from Martha's Living and put it in my journal. Love the end result...love the velvet dahlias from that issue, too.

Aesthetic Outburst... said...

Great minds think alike, Maile! :) x, Abbey

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