20 in 20 FAQ...

I thought I'd take a minute to answer some frequently asked questions about the 20 in 20 handmade giveaway. If you have a question that isn't listed here, leave a comment and I'll answer asap. Here it goes:
  • Why are you doing 20 in 20? Where did the idea come from? 20 in 20 helps keep me motivated. It started in December of last year as a way to get myself in the holiday spirit. I like to make things and thought, "Why not make something every day?". I added the giveaway as a thank you to Aesthetic Outburst readers...and as a way to unload the massive number of craft projects we had laying around our house after the holidays. PRH thanks you all.
  • Are you making all of these projects yourself? Yes, although PRH does occasionally cut something out of wood for me. He's good like that.
  • Why are you giving all of these projects away? Why not? Isn't it more fun to share? Like I said, we had crafts coming out our armpits and I thought someone else may enjoy a handmade thing or two. Plus, who doesn't like to get fun packages in the mail?
  • What's the theme for the month? I made ornaments in December and Valentine's Day-related projects in February. There isn't a theme for this month though.
  • Do you plan the projects out beforehand? Do I ever! I have a running list of all the projects I'd like to do someday. The list gets bigger and bigger as the months go on and I typically make almost double the number of projects that end up being shown on Aesthetic Outburst. There are a lot of rejects.
  • Where do you come up with the ideas for all of these crafts? I meander through craft stores, go to the library, look through our collection of vintage craft books, and sift through boxes of craft supplies from PRH's aunts. It sounds cheesy, but inspiration really is everywhere once that momentum's been kick-started.
  • How far in advance are you making the projects? How long does each craft take from start to finish? I'm officially about 1 day ahead of the game, which gives me time to make the project, scrap it if it sucks, start over again, photograph the final project and write the post. There were a couple of very close calls, so now I'm trying to stay 2 days ahead. The average project takes one full day (allowing for drying time, layers, etc.) and the longest a project has taken is two weeks (it was this one).
  • Where do you find the time? We don't have a babysitter or nanny, so I steal moments whenever I can. Kicky and EZ E are pretty used to seeing me with some sort of craft in my hands at all times. That said, I think it's important to be present throughout the day with my babes, so I typically wait for nap times or stay up really late at night. When PRH gets home from work, I hit the ground running and I carry multiple projects with me everywhere. This may also answer that question.
  • Where did you get (insert supply here)? All of the supplies I've used are from regular craft stores like Michaels, ACMoore, Jo-Ann Fabrics or Hobby Lobby.
  • Will you do a tutorial for (insert project here)? I considered doing tutorials in addition to the giveaways, but tutorials take a lot of time. I don't have a lot of time. It was one or the other and I went with the giveaway. That may change in the future, but for now I'm just doing giveaways. Some of the projects are also available in my shop.
  • May I use your photos to post about the project on my blog? Of course! That would be lovely! Just make sure than all photos are properly credited and that you link back to Aesthetic Outburst in your post. There's also a widget on the sidebar if you want to add a 20 in 20 button to your blog or website.
  • What's that ring you're wearing in all of the photos? That's my wedding ring. It's a green typewriter key set in sterling. PRH and I eloped in college and were too poor for much else. Luckily, we took a jewelry class that semester; he made my ring and I made his....and here we are eight years later.
  • Do you mind if I do a 20 in 20 giveaway on my blog? Go for it! Please be nice and mention where you got the idea...and then tell me about it, so I can help you spread the word.
  • Are you doing another one next month? How do I become a sponsor? Yes, I am definitely planning another 20 in 20 giveaway in April. It's $20 (USD) to sponsor a project. Just email me at hownowdesign [at] yahoo [dot] com to sign up.
  • How are you funding this project? I have 21 wonderful 20 in 20 sponsors. Sponsorships cover most of the costs for materials and postage. Ads on Aesthetic Outburst also help. Oh, and I make PRH go to work and then buy me craft supplies with all of his money. I think he may be a keeper.
  • Can I make something to give away on Aesthetic Outburst? If I become a sponsor, can I give something away that I made? No, thank you.
For FAQ's about me or about Aesthetic Outburst, look right here. Did I miss anything?


jacquelyn said...

wow.. you are officially wonder woman! it's so inspiring to see you doing all you do while raising 2 amazing kids at the same time. the 20 in 20 is fantastic, thanks for all the inspiration!

Laura/DaPFG said...

I had never noticed the ring before this post, but I am SO glad someone asked! I have been smitten with wedding rings lately, and am equally smitten with the story of how yours came to be. LOVELY!!

Anonymous said...

This is not a q, but I do want to say how inspiring you are! I do not have kids, but want them soon, and often wonder how I'd ever manage keeping crafting alive too. I'm not opposed to being oober busy nor to multitasking, but, even still, it's hard to imagine accomplishing as much as you do!

ashley said...

I think you are brilliant for coming up with the 20 for 20. I have a list of a million things I'd like to make, but then they'd just be sitting around my tiny shared apartment. What a good excuse to make stuff and share the love!

Aesthetic Outburst... said...

Thank you all SO much! You're very sweet! xo, Abbey

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