High five...

My five favorite things from around blogland this week.

    2. Another incredible house tour by Kitka. That black and white plaid? Yes! It looks like those are blankets snapped to the wall with leather straps. Brilliant idea, no? You have to see the rest of the photos. I pinned my little heart out. I also loved what the owner of the house said about making thoughtful, long-lasting purchases.


    diana engart


    MagicMarkingsArt said...

    wonderful, artistic finds! i am absolutely smitten with that airy staircase.

    Anonymous said...

    I love the table in the first photo and the amazing stack of books. Thank you for sharing the beauty.

    ladaisi said...

    Oh I love the little change purses. This would be the sweetest gift - with a fortune tucked inside.

    Ladaisi Blog

    abigail said...

    I love the sofa in the first photo and the stairs in the second. such amazing details!

    linds.eliz said...

    I love all of these photos :)
    And those change purses made me giggle.

    My boyfriend and I have been attempting to decorate our new-ish living room, and the use of stacked books has come up. That third photos is quite the inspiration--thanks!

    <3 413

    Emma at The Marion House Book said...

    Thanks for the high five, ladyblogger! You're one of my favorites as well.

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