High five...

My five favorite things from around blogland this week.

    1. Everything (and I mean everything) about Roman and Williams, whose work I found via Rifle Paper Co. I particularly love how the lights are hung in the photo above. I also like these shiny black cabinets from the same firm that I saw on sfgirlbybay.
    2. This industrial desk from Hindsvik.
industrial furniture
      3. This post on Sweet Paul that featured the gorgeous home that belongs to the duo behind EmersonMade. I bought Nest Magazine just for this article and was kind of shocked to read that their farmhouse is 7000 square feet. That's a big house! Oh, and that row of plants (bottom left) is to die for.

      4. These painted floors from the February issue of Better Homes and Gardens (scanned image found via pinterest). I'd like to do something like this in an unexpected place, like a basement or garage. I don't think I'd have the guts to paint semi-decent hardwood floors. Would you?

    painted floors
      5. This drawing by my lovely friend Renee Garner (aka wolfie & the sneak). It should come as no surprise that my love affair with equestrian ribbons is insatiable.


    April said...

    My first response to seeing those floors in the latest BH&G was, "ooh, that reminds me of something that Abbey from AO would do". So I guess I was right!

    Vicki @ Piccolo Takes All said...

    Ditto on Roman & Williams (does anyone else think Robin Williams when they see the firm name, besides me???).

    As for the BH&G floor, it's gorgeous, and I love that she left a few of the stripes transparent to the wood floor. That's a nice touch. But I'd like to see what the floors look like in a few years. We painted our kitchen floor four years ago, and they are worse for the wear, ahem, or as we like to say when we're trying to convince ourselves, "rustic".

    7000 square feet? That's bigger than big, that's downright gargantuan!

    cchrisco said...

    I saw those floors and nearly died because how can anyone paint/cover nice hardwood?? Pretty, but definitely better suited to concrete.

    Erin Lang Norris said...

    great post! no- i could never paint hardwood floors that were in good shape! i'm really glad my husband talked me out of painting the wood floor in our guest room. what the hell was i thinking?! but this does give me some thoughts for the utility room floor!

    and yes- renees art is always beautiful, isn't it? :)

    Sarah Jane said...

    Oh why is that table in Canada?! It would be perfect for my sewing room. We're going to paint the floors in our kids room...but we're also installing cabin-grade wood for that very purpose. I just love painted floors.

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