EZ E's bedroom...

kids room
For those of you who missed my post on elsie marley last week (thanks again, Meg!), I thought I'd share a look at EZ E's new bedroom here as well. You saw the playroom last week and may remember what the rooms looked like before. EZ E's bedroom is so much cozier now and the playroom is much more fun to be in. I think I'm done swapping rooms around...for a little while at least.

kids room
kids room
kids room


Megan said...

I love your style, what Are the books on? I want one of those!


The Social Secretary said...

oh i really love that penant hanging with the artwork.
thanks for sharing!

Kristen said...

Very cute! Love the bed

mixette said...

I'm so glad Elsie Marley had you guest-post: I am *so* happy to have another awesome new-to-me blog.

The quilt at the foot of the bed is so sweet!

molly said...

Love the tin can/book stand. We've a 1920's potato chip tin of similar size (depicting two dozen silhouettes of seriously sporty athletes, because potato chips are "made for health and vigor!! scientifically proven...") that would work swimmingly in this role. because why shelve books when you'll just want to read them again...

jenny of all trades said...

love your style! this room is perfect! oh, and my son needs that bed - where did you get it?

Tea For Two said...

Absolutely gorgeous decoration.

Aesthetic Outburst... said...

Thanks, everyone!
Megan- the books are on an old industrial shelf. It was used at a local shoe factory.
Molly- I'm in love with huge old tins. They're SO handy! We try to re-shelve books but... :)
jenny of all trades- we found the bed on craigslist. It's a Step 2 brand- try searching "toddler car bed". The mattress is just from Target.

Cathy @ ceddington.blogspot .com said...

LoVe yOur STylE!

Just came across your etsy site and loved your work!
I just followed you here too! ;)

I invite you on over to my world if you want?



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