First, let me get this out of the way: after I took these photos, I realized that our shower curtain was hung too high. I've since remedied that situation. Now, why haven't I shown photos of our bathroom before, particularly when I don't think it's bad? Truthfully, it's not very exciting, it never gets changed around, and who really wants to look at our little bathroom? Well, please forgive...I'm going to show you anyways. I'm a white walls kind of girl, so painting the bathroom a bright green was kind of a stretch for me. It's taken a little while, but it's grown on me. I like the white subway tile and the pedestal sink, the toilet is fine, the window in the shower doesn't bother me, and I'm even OK with the bead board on one wall.

If we owned this house, I'd probably change the flooring, the medicine cabinet (hang it lower or just have a mirror), the trim (doesn't match the rest of the house), and the light (not pictured). My father-in-law made that fabulous step stool for EZ E and Kicky, btw. We all love it!

bathroomThe sink is a Kohler and I only know that because we had to replace it. I opened the medicine cabinet one day and a porcelain cup toppled into the basin. The cup was perfectly fine, but the basin shattered. Ouch.

bathroomHere's something to consider if you ever remodel a bathroom. Put the toilet by a wall, so you have a designated spot to hang toilet paper. We bought a t.p. holder that hangs on the side of the toilet, but it's not easy for the kids to use. Storage is key (our linen closet is just outside the bathroom door). And no, I'm not trying to kill that plant, but I'm clearly not doing a good job with it. The print is by our friend Jim and was a gift from our friend Kris.


bathroomPRH put up a hook for EZ E's (and now Kicky's) toilet seat because I hate it when stuff is on the floor. Add pee or poop to that equation and I'm done for. Yuck.

bathroomDid you happen to notice that the ceiling is painted a different color than the walls? Yup, I've been meaning to get to that...for over a year. Someday soon.


linds.eliz said...

That's the cutest step stool I've ever seen. I loooove the idea: helping out the kids without sacrificing design :)

The green wall is the perfect color, and this may be a lame thing to notice, but: the fact that some of the leaves on the plant blend into the green paint on the wall makes me happy. Such a small touch. Pretty :)

And that toilet seat is hung like a life saver for the sea--I am pretty sure that's the role it plays for some kids who are learning how to use the "big kid toilet"...I love.

linds.eliz@ 413

Anonymous said...

I love that ceiling! I painted that ceiling! Although I must say...I like your color choice better than mine. The house looks wonderful Abbey! Love you!!

Handbags*N*Pigtails said...

The toilet seat hung on the wall reminds me of a buoy:)
And I LOVE that towel. Can you share where its from?

Aesthetic Outburst... said...

Thanks, linds.eliz! Those are the things that get me too, so I'm happy to hear that I'm not a complete freak. :) The toilet is def. a lifesaver. Ha!

Aunt Anna, you did a marvelous job on that ceiling (maybe why I haven't painted it???)! Come over for dinner soon? Love you too!

Thanks, Sarah! Our towels are from JC Penney. The brand is 'Chris Madden Hotel'. They've held up pretty well so far. :)

Aesthetic Outburst... said...

Oops- wrong towel, Sarah. The white towel is the Chris Madden brand and the hand towel is from Homegoods. The brand is Ridgefield Home. :)

Aesthetic Outburst... said...

For anyone else who may ask:
the kids toilet seat is Baby Bjorn
the shower curtain is from Bed Bath and Beyond
the soap dispenser is from Target
and so is the green planter
the bath mat is Thomas O'Brien for Target
the paint is Valspar La Fonda Jalapeno

elizabeth said...

love the green!

Emma at The Marion House Book said...

I love the green - it's bold but it really makes the space. And I'm definitely going to steal your idea of the hook for the training seat. Our's just kicks around on the floor which is kind of gross. No wonder the potty training isn't going so well!

K said...

I saw your post, thought to myself "I hate stuff on the floor too," grabbed a 3M command hook, and stuck it to my bathroom wall. Now my daughter's potty seat isn't just knocking around by the toilet, which drove me nuts. THANK YOU!

Kristen said...

Love the green!!

Jim said...

The bathroom looks great! I love that green, I am going to show this to Jen. Like everyone else here, I like the toilet seat life saver idea. When they are done with the seat, I think you should hang a red and white life saver with a yellow rope. Easy E can throw it around the tub!

Fresh Fish Creative said...

my friends have a toilet by the wall, but they just keep their tp loose in a basket on the ground with their magazines. It works just as well!

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