Plastic cousins...

vintage toy
vintage toy
Meet Blowhole's plastic cousins. Old toys like these kill me. The saturated color, the wacky expressions, the utter disregard of anatomy...I like it all.

vintage toy


Wolfie and the Sneak said...

I have that whale! It was (if you can believe this) an accoutrement on a frozen mixed drink from some now defunct chain restaurant about 16 (gasp!! ack!!) years ago. My friends had a friend that worked there and served us (underage. . . not that I would do that) so we'd get the biggest, frilliest, silliest drinks imaginable.
Now it's one of M's favorite bath time toys.

cheryl.andrey said...

Wow, that dolphin made me laugh out loud.

Belle said...

I love old toys too. I bought some old dolls that reminded me of when I was young and put them on my windowsill.
I've got to find a Cupie Doll next. I used to get one at the fair every year.

Anonymous said...

I also have that whale! And a shark that is very similar. I too love toys like this...so silly!

The Stapelia Company said...

Everything about this post makes me laugh; the toys, the fact that you call a toy blowhole, the fact that the killer whale or whatever that is looks like it's leering. Perfection. ;)

Aesthetic Outburst... said...

Renee- seriously?! That's awesome. Now if only I had the drink to go with the whale. Another snow day today- ugh.

Me too, Cheryl!

Belle- good luck finding a Kewpie- they're so cute!

The Stapelia Company- leering is the perfect word for it. :) Perhaps it uses it's ugly mug to kill prey? Ha!

Julie said...

I saw you on "where we blog from" over on Jane's blog, ill seen, ill said. A lovely space you have created! How you manage to keep so tidy with two little ones is more than I can fathom.

yellow hall studio. said...

When I was probably 4 years old, my parents went fishing for the day. Apparently my mom thought she had a "bite" and when she reeled her line in, there was a blue rubber shark, hooked through a fin, on her hook. This was in Wisconsin, mind you. Well anyway, after everyone had a good laugh about her snagging a rubber shark in a lake in Wisconsin, they cleaned it up and gave it to me. It ended up being one of my favorite toys growing up. True story.


gittilou said...

haha, i love the wales! and also i love the ponies you posted another time. i will take a very careful look for something similar next time i'm at the flea market.

ps. what i was here to say from the beginning: i love your blog!! <3

greetings from sweden

Larry said...

Oh my god!!! I'm just writing my blog about my favourite toy as a small boy - and it is the plastic Dolphin you have a picture of!!
Between the ages of four and six, that dolphin was my life.

That picture has brought back so many memories!!

Thank you!!

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