Domo arigato, Mister Roboto...

robot diy
As I mentioned on Friday, EZ E and I cooked up a cute little DIY for you. Actually, EZ E helped for two seconds and then quit to go play with his Scooby Doo Mystery Machine (thanks, santa). In addition to being obsessed with a cartoon great dane from the 1960's, he's also obsessed with robots, so I thought it would fun to make some using found objects. It was fun...for me. Once complete, our fickle boy ditched the Mystery Machine for greener, more robotic pastures. Here's how these beasts were made:

robot diy
1. find boxes. A quick glance through the linen closet and we scored three small boxes to use.
2. find the seam on the inside of the cardboard box.
3. use a letter opener or butter knife to cut along that seam.
4. flatten out the box and flip over so you're working on the blank side.

robot diy

5. decorate to your heart's content. We used google eyes, old poker chips, tape, stickers, and plastic bottle caps. You can use anything!
6. reverse all of the folds and glue the seam back together again. If you need to, use tape or staples to make it more secure.
7. play.

robot diy
robot diy
8. make other robot friends who will come to my house and devour old Scooby Doo VHS tapes so I'll never have to watch that cartoon again.


sosser said...

so clever and so much fun! i can think of a few little guys who would love to play with these :)

jessie b said...

how adorable! the second and third ones are my favorites

urban craft said...

awesome recycling. I've got way to many boxes kicking around. It's robot time!

Aesthetic Outburst... said...

:) Thanks! They were officially wrecked within a matter of a day, but...

Rachel Beyer said...

So cute! I host an adult "craft club" every month where we get together, eat dinner and make a kiddy craft. This would be perfect! Looks like so much fun to make. Thanks for sharing!

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