Not too long ago, Anna of door sixteen wrote a question + answer post where her readers sent in questions and she answered them a few days later. The questions were specifically about her job, but that post made me think about the questions most frequently asked over here at Aesthetic Outburst. I receive a lot of emails (that I try to answer asap) that ask the same questions, so I thought I'd answer a couple of those and open the comments up to any other questions you may have about me, Aesthetic Outburst, where we live, etc***. Here are the two most frequently asked questions that I receive via email:
  • What do you do for a living?
  • What are EZ E, Kicky, and/or PRH's real names?
and here are my answers:
  • For now, I stay at home with Kicky and EZ E, but my most recent professional work has been in the not-for-profit sector. Before going back to grad school at the University at Buffalo, I worked as the Public Arts Program Educator at The Eric Carle Museum. After grad school I worked briefly as the Programs Director at the Western NY Book Arts Collaborative. I do random freelance projects here and there and do plan to return to work when the time feels right.
  • When I first started Aesthetic Outburst, I decided to use nicknames for my immediate family because I didn't like the idea that my children's names would be floating out there for the world to know. I still go back and forth about it (esp. after reading this post on this lovely blog), so that's why I still use nicknames. For the sake of answering the question though, here are links to everyone's real names...PRH, EZ E and Kicky. Wouldn't it be shocking if I said Abbey wasn't my real name?! I haven't always loved it, but Abbey definitely is my real name (Abigail...if we're being fancy about things).
OK...now that we have those two answered, go ahead and ask away (in the comments section)! Don't be shy. I'll give it a week and then post my answers next Thursday.
xo, Abbey

***PS- I must admit that this whole idea does make me a little nervous, so please also be kind.


Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see what questions other people ask. Where does PRH work?
-Sarah K.

Brandi said...

I just discovered your blog this morning and spent a good couple of hours looking through all of your posts (thanks, Ohdeedoh!). I'm expecting my first baby in May, so I love reading about your experiences and seeing that having children hasn't made you so overwhelmed that you can't carve out time to be creative. It makes me hopeful! So, I guess my question is, how do you do it? Any advice for maintaining your creative energy after a baby comes?

Joetta M. said...

ok, insanely creative mama...my question is how do you find the time and energy to balance your own artwork, being just plain mama, and doing all the creative things you do for your kids? How oh how?

Anonymous said...

How do you keep your house clean and your life organized? And you keep mentioning relaxing weekends...how do manage that with two young kids???

mama river said...

oh i have so many, i look at your blog daily...

How did you make that beautiful invite to Isla's party?
Do you have a studio room that holds all your creative fixings? your house always looks so clean n organized.

i love your blog!


Anonymous said...

Love your blog! I enjoy reading because you have such a great attitude and always seem to strive for balance in your life. I know we all have good days and bad days - I need faith to get me through - I was wondering if you are religious?

Thanks - I look forward to your blog daily!

Nicole said...

i haven't been following you for long, and i assumed PRH stood for Pretty Rad Hubby, or something similar.

Jen Craun said...

I LOVE all your DIY energies around the household and with the babes, etc. I can SO RELATE. I wonder [question] what your art-making is? What kind of prints do [did] you make + most enjoy? Do you make artist books? What have you most recently made? Burning questions... :)

Brandi said...

Is it tacky to post questions twice? Forgive!

Let's talk about the holidays. Do you have any ideas? I'd love to hear any of your book recommendations, project ideas, or gift suggestions.

Okay, really just one more. How do you feel now that you've moved back somewhere rural and have had some time to adjust? I realize there are good and bad aspects of everything, but are you antsy? Do things smooth out eventually where you feel like you have your life back, or do you constantly struggle with the age-old issues?

Skylark Studio said...

this is kinda random - so how do you like living in upstate NY? My husband and I love it there but when we actually consider a move I get kinda freaked out by the vast remoteness. Did you move to be closer to family? have you learned to love it or did you love it already? Do you feel far away from the creative super meccas? if so, how do you deal?

Visual Studies Workshop said...

Hmmmm..... my burning question..... What would your dream job be?? And also who would play you in the movie of your life??

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