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Q: Anonymous said...How do you keep your house clean and your life organized? And you keep mentioning relaxing weekends...how do manage that with two young kids???
Living within 45 minutes of my mother-in-law (who literally vacuums my sister-in-law’s house when she’s not home) is damn good motivation. I haven’t always been tidy and organized (no need to pipe in here, mom and dad. Thanks.). When EZ E and Kicky came along though, I realized that these two little people would be watching everything I do and following my lead. One of our major goals is for them to treat themselves, their belongings, and others with respect. The first step in making that happen is for PRH and I to take good care of our belongings and ourselves, and treat other people (and animals) with respect. Here are a few tricks that work at our house:
  • PRH helps a lot.
  • I make GIANT ‘to do’ lists that I carry with me at all times.
  • I use a timer; I set it for 10, 15, 30 minutes and try to get as much done as I can in that time.
  • Living with kids is a lesson in the unexpected, so I no longer have time to procrastinate. If something needs to get done, I just do it...and try not to bitch about it too much.
  • EZ E is in preschool so I spend Kicky’s naptime making stuff or catching up around the house.
  • I love television (love it), but I don’t watch it anymore. Once we got rid of cable I started getting way more done each day. We do still have a television to watch movies and I occasionally buy time by popping in a movie for EZ E.
With regard to relaxing weekends: my version of relaxing has definitely changed since children came along. If we can make it through an entire day without freak-attacks and time-outs, and if that day ends with a giant glass of red wine, we’re all good.

Q: mama river said...oh i have so many, i look at your blog daily...

How did you make that beautiful invite to Isla's party?
Do you have a studio room that holds all your creative fixings? your house always looks so clean n organized.

i love your blog!

Thank you! I designed Isla’s (aka Kicky) birthday invitation in illustrator and then printed them on our home printer (we have a cheapo Epson that I like). I dream of having a studio again, but I don’t have a dedicated studio space in our little rental house (I do have a spot for my desk/laptop). PRH has studio in our basement, so I technically could have a space but I am a lover of sunlight and simply don’t like working in our basement (I say that, but my grad school studio was a cinder block cave and I loved it…hmmmm). When I’m in the middle of a huge project it bothers me, but most days it doesn’t. Tons of artists don’t have dedicated studio spaces and I feel lucky to have enough space to stash my arty supplies…all over our house. I like things to be put away and try to be organized, but some days our house looks like some kind of monster made of felt exploded.


Anonymous said...

ok, LOVE the timer idea!!

Isabel Rigby said...

It is so true! without television so much more gets done. We got rid of our cable last year as well. Every now and then I will catch up on shows via hulu. Because who can live without 30 Rock?

Aesthetic Outburst... said...

30 Rock is a must. As is my timer. :) xo, Abbey

Del said...

You said: "...but some days our house looks like some kind of monster made of felt exploded."...It's all about creativity... I love your blog! Take a look here ;)

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