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Q: Brandi said...I just discovered your blog this morning and spent a good couple of hours looking through all of your posts (thanks, Ohdeedoh!). I'm expecting my first baby in May, so I love reading about your experiences and seeing that having children hasn't made you so overwhelmed that you can't carve out time to be creative. It makes me hopeful! So, I guess my question is, how do you do it? Any advice for maintaining your creative energy after a baby comes?
First of all, congratulations! Having a baby is a super exciting time! When EZ E was born I had TONS of energy and found time that I didn’t even know I had. Things changed a bit after Kicky was born and I’ve found it a bit more difficult to juggle two babies and a husband and try to be creative. Here are some tricks that have been working for me:
-Learning to say no. Living so close to our families, this is a big one for us. If I don’t want to do something, I know that I need to say no.
-Prioritize and make sure creativity is on that list. There are days that I have to force myself to do this, especially with two babies pulling me in two directions.
-I have to constantly remind myself that I’m setting an example for our kids.
-Let some things go. Do the floors need to be spotless? No. Does every meal need to be homemade? No.
-Allow yourself to feel overwhelmed and then ask for help (not easy for me).

Q: Joetta M. said...ok, insanely creative mama...my question is how do you find the time and energy to balance your own artwork, being just plain mama, and doing all the creative things you do for your kids? How oh how?
Here's the other side...Some days I simply don’t. Finding balance in my life is a challenge and it’s something that I struggle with regularly. I have found little tricks here and there that work for us (see above), but the biggest decision I made was to shift my focus. My artwork has taken a back burner to Spiderman masks, fancy first birthdays, and stuff like that, but this time is going fly by and I decided that I needed to be present and enjoy it while I can. Yes, some days are frustrating and difficult but others are fabulous and help get me through the crap days. Having friends like you who are creative and interesting also helps a lot. ☺

Q: Jen Craun said...I LOVE all your DIY energies around the household and with the babes, etc. I can SO RELATE. I wonder [question] what your art-making is? What kind of prints do [did] you make + most enjoy? Do you make artist books? What have you most recently made? Burning questions... :)
Thanks, Jen! In grad school I made large-scale, mixed media drawings and zines. I did make artists books, but now I just make quick little collaged zines. Print-wise, I was really into intaglio but eventually I sort of lost interest in making intaglio prints (I still love to look though and I LOVE going to print conferences). The most recent things I’ve made just for me were a couple of zines and some random collages. Finding time can be tricky.


Emily said...

Abbey, I really love your and Phil's artwork!

Aesthetic Outburst... said...

Thanks so much, Emily! That's very sweet of you.
:) Abbey

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