Acorn wreath...

Sadly I didn't make it to Second Storie this weekend (I heard that it was awesome). Instead, PRH and I spent Saturday morning in the hospital with Kicky who had a weird allergic reaction to the antibiotic that she was prescribed for pneumonia. She's completely fine now and we spent the remainder of the weekend being perfectly lazy. For me that meant catching up on my blog reading and scouting ideas for holiday decorations. I also started a fun little project (more on that tomorrow morning). Anyways, I particularly liked this wreath that I found via green submarine design. Those are acorns! Brilliant, right? Now I just need EZ E to go gather 7 million acorns from the neighbor's tree.


Outpost Empress said...

Pretty! But make sure you bake the acorns if you're going to display it inside. I learned the hard way that acorns sometimes harbor living things that come out when they think it is springtime!

Angela Brian said...

i am so glad you enjoyed one of the project i picked to feature.

i love this tutorial too.

it is absolutely gorgeous!

+ just like your blog!

Colleen said...

Allergic reaction to antibiotics? What a nuisance! I hope it was the rash kind, not the breathing kind....one of my kids and I have the rash kind. The breathing kind is No Fun.

Feel better, Kicky!

Aesthetic Outburst... said...

@outpost empress- good tip! I hadn't even thought of that. Totally gross. :)

@Angela Brian- great eye! :)

@Colleen- yup, swollen red feet and hands kind of reaction. Yuck! She's feeling much better now though. Thanks!

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