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On our next trip to NYC I'd like to check out moomah. It's such a great idea and I wish we had a creative, family-friendly space like this where we live. Unfortunately, Chuck E. Cheese reigns supreme around here. EZ E loves it, but that place makes me tired just thinking about it. Has anyone ever been to moomah? Is it as fabulous as it looks?


Lani said...

I love the drawings on the chalkboard-- I've always wanted a huge wall of chalkboard in my house. I was inspired by an installation artist who made a room covered in chalkboard walls divided into squares. Visitors were given chalk, a curved ruler and the instructions to use the curved ruler to make a curving line in each square. The results series of 'random' mazes and tubes. It was beautiful.

ladaisi said...

WOW I love your blog and your yellow VW bus and your colorful photos! I'm so happy I came across your blogspot!

Aurum said...

I would love to live in a creative environment. Maybe a home made of lego? That would be so much fun!

Maybe I can make shelves and tables in my spare time. Or even a display piece.

Bleh, wishes will be wishes :(

Gabriele Agustini said...

Fabulous!!!! Yes, I love the drawings on the chalkboard too!
Chuck E. Cheese - OMG!! I have to take headache meds BEFORE I go in!!

I thoroughly enjoy your blog!

Anonymous said...

I had never been to moomah but did check out the website after clicking on your link. I had seen all these beautiful pictures on your page and was so glad to see where some of them had come from. How great it would be for not only you, but your children to live in such a creative, free, and inspiring space. Have a great time there.

Levonne said...

Nice stuff! Thanks! Congratulations on becoming a blog of note! If you have a minute, please stop by my two blogs: A Camp Host Housewife's Meanderings and Levonne's Pretty Pics.

Anonymous said...

I love to have my own creative space...

More power to your blog :)

wheatgerm said...

Its very white

Bill said...

One can never go wrong with chalkboards!
I've just launched a new blog from north of the boarder that you and your readers my like. It's in its infancy so please be kind.
btw, great blog.

A Dona do Lar said...

It's Blog Day.
I choose your blog to celebrate. Congrats! I loved evthg!!

Check it out:
A Dona do Lar


Emily said...

I've seen this place featured in a magazine, I think, and I fell in LOVE with it! My son is now 12, but there were times in our life where I would find him crying and crying and I'd ask what was wrong and he'd look at me with that look and say, sobbing, "When are we going to go to Chuck E. Cheese again?"

I swear. I only took him maybe twice in his life. It is everything I don't believe in, but I think it's like crack for kids or something.

I wish there were more Moomah-like places in this world! They got a good thing goin' on:)

Ă…pent hus said...

love the place
hereby noted for next years trip!
thank you
love your blog

Open house blog, Norway

Denise said...

Yes, I've been there with my 4 year old. We had a great time! Great crafts and food. Very thoughtfully designed. They have a great interactive light sculpture for the kids to play with in the back room. But of course, true to NYC - it is pricey! $24 craft projects and $12 sandwiches.

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