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What I didn't mention on Friday was that my 15 year class reunion was scheduled for later that evening. There were only 98 people in our graduating class and I wasn't planning to go. I even got into my pajamas and climbed into bed before I convinced myself to just get up and go. I ended up having SO much fun! It was definitely a bizarre night, but the small town people-watching was amazing. Highlights of the evening included (in no particular order):
  • an angry young man with a fake arm made from what appeared to be a work glove and camouflage duct tape. It wasn't a hand shape and was kind of crumpled looking, but I thought the camo duct tape was pure genius. Why waste money on multiple homemade fake hands when the one for hunting season lasts all year long?!
  • me trying to explain to "camo hand man" what 'six degrees of separation' meant. He had no idea who Kevin Bacon was and seemed rather annoyed when I made a joke about the possibility of us being related. He was emphatic about the fact that "We ain't related.", which could have something to do with the next highlight
  • much dancing that ended with me realizing that my signature dance move (pointer finger in the air with the occasional appearance of the second pointer finger in the air) may not be as impressive as I once imagined.
Aside from the very real work ahead of me with regard to learning new dance moves, I'm looking forward to future reunions. If a guy with a homemade camo hand can't bear the thought that he's related to me because of my pointer finger dance move, it's time to consider new moves. Any suggestions?


Rachael, Pistachio Press said...

Glad to hear you went and had a good time! A camo-hand sounds pretty awesome!

Aesthetic Outburst... said...

I think you need one. :)

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