Body odor...

EZ E: The easter bunny lives in our back yard.
Me: Really?! That little rabbit is the easter bunny?
EZ E: His name is B.O.
Me: As in 'body odor'?
EZ E (exasperated sigh): It's just B.O., Mommy.
Me: Oh, okay. B.O. it is then.
EZ E: He says he's 'hungy' for popcorn.


our little love nest said...

Ooooooh my gosh!!! HAHAHA...okay that is so stinkin funny! I love it! Hehehheh...Can't stop giggling over this post. Kids are so awesome!

Marshmallow Beanie said...

So cute. B.O is lovely. I wanted to call my cat 'Calpis' when I was little. I was insistent on it. My parents told me what it sounded like and I didn't want to listen. Luckily we called him 'Tiger'.

Have a great day and thanks for making me smile.

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