The big 3...

kids birthday
kids birthday
EZ E's 3rd birthday party was so fun! He had a great time and so did we. The plan was to keep it really simple, but now, looking at the photos, I realize I went a tad...um...overboard. In my defense, I had so much fun once I got started that I just couldn't help myself. Anyways, I thought you all may enjoy a look at the party in all it's 'old school' glory. I made the felt 'E' ribbon for him to wear during the party, but of course he hated it and refused to wear (in his words) "that ting".

kids birthdayI found these little vintage chalkboards at my parent's house (thanks, Mom and Dad!) and hung them all over the place.

kids birthdayThese 3 flags were the party favors. Felt and chopsticks...yes!

kids birthday
kids birthday
kids birthday
Each invitation included an orange ceramic 3 and a graph paper scroll with the party details. I sealed the scrolls with foil stars and sent the invitations in mint tins that I found at our local dollar store.

kids birthday
kids birthdayEZ E's gift from us was a simple cardboard box wrapped in graph paper. I cut the circle out of a security envelope and found the chipboard E at our local craft store.

kids birthday
kids birthdayI used an exacto blade to cut slits in the pink erasers and then slid graph paper name tags in each one. Overkill? Perhaps, but I enjoyed looking at them. I used old navy blue text books from our collection as party props.

kids birthdayEZ E particularly loved the felt bunting, which is good because it'll have a second life in his playroom.

kids birthday
kids birthdayThe giant cupcake cake was a hit! My mom picked up the pan at Joann Fabrics, but they're also available at amazon. I highly recommend following the suggestions in the reviews section. The wood circle is from the craft store and it's just a blank clock base. I used a graph paper circle as a sort of doily.

kids birthday
kids birthday
Mini milk containers instantly take me back to elementary school.

kids birthday
OK, this is where my obsessiveness really shines through. I forgot to buy decent napkins (we don't use paper napkins), so I had to dig some out of the pantry at the last minute. I tried to dress them up with graph paper napkin rings, but I know that they still look like cheap, crappy napkins wrapped around cheap, crappy silverware. D-

kids birthday
Remember these wood letters? How about these? I knew they'd come in handy!

kids birthdayThis blanket usually lives in the back of my car. In my younger days, it went to every concert with me. Fifteen years later, I'm using it as extra seating outside. Times have changed.

kids birthdayThe chalkboard was another find from my parent's house. I had planned to hang it on the front porch, but it was too much. Instead, I propped it up with terra cotta pots on the back porch.

kids birthday
My parents brought us these lovely flowers the day before the party, so PRH planted them in my planter.

kids birthdayAnd last, but not least...my shameless rip off of a Katie Runnels wreath. Hope you all enjoyed the party! Don't forget to enter our little giveaway!


Shari Lidji said...

darling...darling...every single detail. it's ok to go a tad um..overboard as you say. my girls are now 12 and 15 and though they're a bit different, we still do it up big for birthdays! happy #3 to your little man. i sure enjoy your blog.

compulsively compiled said...

What a great party. Love all of your details. The eraser idea, the cartons of milk; good ideas!

savina said...

absolutely awesome :) even the silverware/napkin fix was clever! how did you cut all the felt letters??

punk rock michelle said...

wow what a super duper cute party set up you had! I love your attention to detail!

samantha said...

SUPER ! love everything !Great birthday !

Anonymous said...

YOU ARE "DA BOMB" even if EZ wouldn't wear "DAT TING"!!! oh the joy of boy boys--they won't go along with anything an aesthetic mommy wants past the age of 3!!!!!
We love you all and a big HB to EZE!

Aesthetic Outburst... said...

Thank you so much, everyone! EZ E had a great time at his party and the adults had a great time "teaching" him how to use a slip and slide that he received as a gift from his uncle. :)

pinkshirtsandcarwrecks said...

so great!

Where My Heart Is said...

What a wonderful job you have done styling your son's third birthday. I am impressed. I don't think everyone understands the hours and hours that it takes to make a themed party just so! Well done. My daughters are 18 and 15 and I am still loving organizing their parties. I have a little less autonomy now. I am currently planning a sweet 16! I'm in the obsessing stage - scouring the internet for ideas and products. Not much else has been achieved here - so I better go and do some laundry. BTW I really enjoy your blog.

soisses said...

SO SWEET!!! happy birthday to the third birthday... looks like a fantastic party!

Emma said...

that's impressive! can't wait to see what happens for 4!

Naomi said...

Can't see a trace of overkill! Love every detail. The place cards are fantastic, and the use of graph paper is great. I think the napkins are very authentic and don't look bad at all. I was surprised when I read your comment after looking at the shot. I will be stealing several of your ideas. Thanks!

Cakewalk Baking said...

Great party! The prize ribbon is great and I love all of the muted colors.

veggie wedgie said...

I'm loving all that graph paper. Speciallly the eraser cards, to die for! Brilliant idea :D

Kim @ Frost Me! said...

just fantasti! And the eraser placecards are not overkill, they are genius!

Kim @ http://frostmeblog.blogspot.com
party inspiration

Anonymous said...

It's just so darn cute! The eraser name cards are genius!

mama p. said...

I'm so in love with this party, you creative miss

I hope you don't mind but I may have to pillage your ideas for my little beans birthday

Love your blog!
(the word verification for this comment was 'colon', how lovely)

Starfall said...

Wow! what can I say, You are brilliant. I'd like to make it together with my kids. Fun brain

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