This weekend...

My pretend weekend inlcudes EZ E occupying himself by reading the stacks of books in his playroom; PRH getting a chance to work in the studio; Kicky sleeping through the night; and me zoning out (uninterrupted) on expensive European magazines for two days straight. Sadly I don't think any of those things will happen this weekend. I am looking forward to a fun evening out with my parents and Kicky tonight though. What are you doing...pretend or otherwise?

*photo by artist
Jennifer Zwick


L said...

i love the picture, how cute! :)
love the blog by the way!

katemakes said...

Willing the seedlings to grow; cleaning off the desk so i can sew; and gearing up for school after two weeks with my kids and husband at home all day! Just met your blog and read every post - whew - and now I need to remoisturize my eyes. You are obviously very talented (and prolific)! Do you ever sleep?

Tara said...

ahhhh...the simple fantasies of parents. i can never again listen to a single friend complain and really take them too seriously.


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