Gin and fries...

I'm on a bit of a cleaning spree at the A.O. house. The linen closet, playroom, kitchen, and entry closet have all fallen prey to my de-cluttering. We've been eating much healthier and, in general, just living cleaner. I've lost ten pounds, but to be honest, this plan is no fun for a gal who likes McDonalds and gin (not together, mind you...although maybe...it is filet-o-fish season). This morning EZ E and I planted tomatoes and other seeds for a veggie garden. All I really want to grow is a greasy french fry tree and then relax under it with a tall gin and tonic.

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Tara said...

Greasy French Fry tree - that's hilarious! The days of "Eating Like An Olympian" are over, friend. Make your own delicious garlicky, lightly oiled sweet potato fries in the oven - you won't want to go back to the McDemon's (okay - maybe once a year)...

And since you're in a cleaning/living healthy frenzy - I thought I'd give you a heads up about my super fun blog special "Eco-Clean How-To Week" 3/20-3/26: full of recipes for homemade and natural cleaners, tips + tricks, giveaways, DIYs, and more!

Hope I see you there!


PS - There's always a place in one's life for a gin & tonic.

Christine said...

oh ha ha.
that is such a wonderful visual.
you always put a smile on my face.

christine @

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