Genuine jazz hands...

I'm sure it'll come as no shock to all those familiar with my somewhat obsessive tendencies that I went back to Target again yesterday to scope out the Liberty of London collection. There was definitely more stuff to be had, but fortunately I came to my senses before shelling out tons of cash. Plus, all I wanted was a damn planter...and then had to wonder, when did I become some old lady who just wants a 'damn planter'?! When did I become the girl who puts on gardening gloves and makes genuine 'jazz hands' for the camera (note the fuzziness of the photo)?! In my defense, the gloves are a little slice of perfection. OK, I'm off to stack rocks...and come to terms with my old-ladyhood.


Tara said...

oh great post! it is surprising the day we all realize we've become old damn ladies making jazz hands...but there's something to be said for domesticity.

plant something worthwhile as you listen to some showtunes, golden girl.


Katsui Jewelry said...

Those are too cute!


Wolfie and the Sneak said...

Catching up on your blog and 2 posts describe me perfectly--I need the space helmet with the space cadet I've become lately as I develop into an old lady jazz hander, too. I wanted those gloves so bad, but I never remember to wear gardening gloves.

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