Crazy town...

EZ E has spent the last few days channeling his inner-Judd Nelson (ala The Breakfast Club). He refuses to remove these crazy winter gloves for any reason. To make matters hysterically crazier, yesterday he kept talking about some guy he called the "fat pisser".
EZ E: Remember when the fat pisser cut Woody's arm?
Me: What?!
EZ E: The fat pisser. He cut Woody's arm and Jessie yelled, "That's not fair, fat pisser!".
Me: Hmmm. The fat pisser?
EZ E: Uh huh. The fat pisser with a tool.
Me: ????????
I don't know how, but we finally realized that he was talking about 'the prospector' from Toy Story. One rainbow baby + one two-year-old= crazy town.


cheryl.andrey said...


compulsively compiled said...

hysterical! my kids have all outgrown those days but they were fun. One summer (hot 105 every day) our then 3 year old refused to take her nap unless she was wearing mittens and a knitted hat. Of course we have pictures and she really hasn't changed. Just insists on different things.

sMacThoughts said...

Love your quirky life! :)

Jordan said...

oh man, that was a great laugh. Sometimes we all let our inner Judd Nelson show a bit!

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